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Why Slots Are Still More Popular Than Other Casino Games?

Despite the variety of casino games at and other platforms, gamblers from year to year continue to focus on slots – the eternal leaders in gambling entertainment. It is the slots that you can see in the lobby of any online casino – they greet all newcomers with shining icons and cool names. It is because of the high popularity of slots that gaming companies release thousands of new titles every year, delighting fans with new combinations and awards.

But what can you find in online casinos besides them? What entertainments are available to gamblers besides classic slot machines? And why are slots still so in demand? What is the reason for such persistent popularity? Let’s find out!

What Types Of Casino Games Are There Except Slots?

There are a lot of cool games out there besides familiar slots. Describing all of them is a long process so let’s just list the most noticeable one:

  • Card games. If you are a fan of more than just spinning in the hope of winning, then these games are your best choice! Usually, casinos offer card games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Moreover, there are also variations of these games, so you can choose exactly what you like. Card games require attentiveness, ingenuity, and quick reactions, so be prepared that it will not be easy to win.
  • Table games. Board games are usually simpler. This category includes Roulette (Russian, French, American, and others) as well as less popular games like dice, sea battle, and others.
  • Game Shows. Game shows are created specifically for attracting customers with large sums and are usually held in a live format. This includes various Bingo and Jackpot games, some types of roulette, and more.
  • Live games. Finally, there are all kinds of live dealer games that include both table and card games. The difference from other games is significant: you will be playing against real players, and therefore you will have to act quickly.

The Diversity Of Slots


As for the diversity of slot games, there are a bunch of slot machines, including:

  • Classic video slots;
  • 3d slots;
  • Jackpot slot machines;
  • Bonus buy slots;
  • Slots made in different themes (Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, etc.)

Every year, gaming companies produce thousands of new titles and they all differ from each other. Obviously, variety is the main feature of slots, because, despite the similar mechanics, the games are strikingly different.

The Main Reasons For The Popularity Of Slots

Okay, let’s finally figure out why slots are still more popular than all other casino games:

  1. In most cases, online casinos are associated with slots. So, these games are just better known among players; 
  2. Secondly, they are popularized in movies (James Bond series, movies about the mafia, and so on);
  3. They have simple and intriguing mechanics everyone can master;
  4. There are thousands of slots to choose from!
  5. They don’t require a strong Internet connection as live games;
  6. Thanks to increasing investments in the gambling industry, the most top-notch slots now look more like classic pc games than cheap casino entertainments.